What We Do

GATES has exposure to various healthcare professionals in the MENA region through its alumni, training programs and more than 300 projects held in more than 100 healthcare organizations. This mutual connection between competent healthcare workers and healthcare organizations across the region positions GATES as a bridge linking the bid and ask for skills.

Hospital CEOs


Specialized Physicians & Nurses

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Heads of Departments and Middle Managers


A Seamless Recruitment Process

Step 1

Receive the organizations’ job vacancies

Step 2

Select and filter the most suitable candidates for the position(s) requested

Step 3

GATES does the preliminary screening and primary interviews to make sure that the candidates are fit for the position(s)

Step 4

Send the selected candidates’ CVs to the organization for further actions

Step 5

Assistance in orientating and training of newly recruited staff

Step 6

Perform the evaluation of the candidate as a third independent party


Provide candidates for organization’s job offerings
Training on organization’s selected topics
Initial & Final Evaluation of Candidate