What We Do

This service is tailor made for ambitious healthcare leaders that understand the pace of the modern world and want to achieve exponential organizational growth to stay ahead of the trend. Hence, GATES has developed a people centric approach for management that enables organizations to implement best practices smoothly and intrinsically across the organization and create an engagement culture across the whole organization. The 5Ds Methodology came as a response to what we call the Triple-C Virus, putting people in the center and valuing other components of the 7Ps (People, Process, Place, Provisions, Product, Promotion, and Purpose).

The Full-Scale Development project is implemented in 7 stages

  1. Organization Diagnosis
  2. Organization Restructuring
  3. Building Management Foundations
  4. Customized Training Programs for All Departments
  5. Accreditation Readiness
  6. Technology Integration
  7. Before-After Evaluation Report and Recommendations for the Future


A full diagnosis report: including the multi-channel inputs Training of key staff: creation of common language List of Specific Areas for Improvement Updated Policies & Procedures Explained Standards Plan For Standards Implementation Final Report with Recommendations

5D’s Methodology

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7P’s Model

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Accreditation Readiness

Organizations nowadays are seeking excellence in performance. They adopt a multitude of standards to get accredited, but without having an intrinsic organizational performance and staff buy-in. The organizations are flooding in a Compliance Centered Change (Triple-C) environment, which keeps the blessings of accreditations unsustainable.

Consequently, GATES Accreditation Readiness service performs a transition in the organization in the sense of improving the performance gradually towards reaching the accreditation and sustaining it the day after accreditation, reaching finally innovation.

Gain All The Necessary Knowledge

  1. Readiness Foundation
  2. Unifying the Accreditation Language Through Training
  3. Performing Accreditation Diagnosis & Gap Analysis
  4. Educating on Tracer Methodology
  5. Assisting in Standards Implementation
  6. Performing Mock Audit


Standards Explained Gap Analysis Report and Accreditation Readiness Plan Progress Reports Mock Audit

Organization Diagnosis

The organizational development methodology of GATES is inspired by the multi-modality of diagnosis performed by the physicians. Therefore, it utilizes a multi-channel way to understand the situation of an organization, using reliable and tested tools.

Our Structured Approach

Organizational Diagnosis is done according to LOREMA multi-channel way, Listening, Observing, Reading, Experimenting, Measuring, and Analyzing.


Gain Improvement Initiatives

The organization gets a holistic report on gaps in performance, as well as a report on the specific areas for improvement. Also, it gets an understanding of the improvement initiatives and a prioritization for solving the gaps through the various facilitation techniques utilized by GATES Experts.

Organization Structuring & Restructuring

A major component of the organizational development methodology in GATES is the design, which includes the departmentalization, organizational chart, policies and procedures, job descriptions, and all the organizational documents.

Through the structuring and restructuring service, GATES experts support the organization’s staff to develop their own system, using collaborative techniques. The aim is to support an intrinsic development of a system across the organization, to ensure the people’s commitment. The experts develop an implementation plan, that facilitates the integration of the structure across the organization and establishes a self-improving mechanism.

Coaching Organization Leaders

Management is the science of simplifying the complexities of the business and putting all things together. GATES provides coaching services to organizations leaders that are willing to boost their management and leadership skills to get holistic management, governance, leadership, healthcare systems, integrated quality, and change management skills and competencies.

This elite program is tailor-made according to the personal need of an organizational leader, based on a preliminary assessment held by the Coach.

Become a LEADER

  1. Understanding the goals of the Leader from the coaching program
  2. Tailoring the coaching program and the coaching targets
  3. Starting the coaching sessions
  4. Handling ongoing evaluation of performance


Building organizational leaders’ abilities to have a quantum outlook Supporting leaders to have the best practice in managing organizations, and hence leading success Being supported by a top leader in healthcare management to achieve success over a specific period of time