What We Do

With more than 20 years of experience in healthcare management solutions, GATES provides management services to organizations willing to implement a people-centric approach in management. The service consists of a risk sharing basis between GATES and the organization’s owner, where a minimum flat rate is charged, and the major fees are charged based on performance improvement measures. GATES experts diagnose, design and implement systems that include but not limited to strategic goals, operational plans, policies & procedures, job descriptions, committees' terms of references, Key Performance Indicators, etc.

Management & Cooperation

GATES team of experts participate actively in managing the organization through a well-defined cooperation model, that is built according to a pre-set agreement, and based on an assessment held by GATES Experts.

The Scope

The scope of outsourced management can be either a whole organization or a department within the organization, such as revenue cycle management department, human resources department, quality management department, finance department, materials management department, etc.


The Management Outsourcing Process Goes As Follows
  1. Multichannel preliminary diagnosis through a variety of evidence-based tools superseded by a diagnosis report including a SWOT and PESTLE analysis, afterwards, and a proposal for outsourced management (performance measures, forecasted impact, fees, profit shares, etc.)
  2. Create common language in management through a management for all training
  3. Establish the system that includes mission, vision, strategic goals, operational plans, staff plans, policies and procedures, job descriptions, committees' terms of references, key performance indicators.
  4. Build the implementation plan that include the needed people, resources and budget allocations from the owners’ side.
  5. Implement the designed systems with respect to the implementation plan.
  6. Initiate improvement cycles across the organization.
  7. Assess progress and compliance with the designed systems. At this level, GATES and the organization will re-assess the management outsourcing contract.


Implement sustainable development through a mix between these four dimensions: education, leadership, digitalization and application
Minimal direct financial contributions, with partnership and risk-sharing basis
Comply with relevant and specific industry standards that provide the customer with a competitive edge