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What We Do

Since 2009, GATES has been adopted by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health as an independent body to conduct surveys and auditing on accreditation standards (Decision 394/1). Since then, GATES has accomplished 56 hospital audits, through its independent surveying body.

GATES has topped its accreditation experience in developing the Surveyor Training Program, which is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). The underlying service in the Department is the


GATES is an independent body that provides assessment and surveying based on various standards such as Joint Commission International, Accreditation Canada, France Accreditation, local accreditation standards for healthcare organizations, and ISO standards for various business domains.

Accreditation & Mock Surveys

GATES adopts the ISQua accreditation process and utilizes tested and reliable methodologies in surveying. Through its multidisciplinary domain experts, GATES provides department surveys, transversal surveys, and tracer methodology.


Contract & Entry Preparation

Previous Audit Reports Analysis


Issuing Audit Reports

Follow-Ups & Improvements

Tools Implemented In Projects

Tracer Methodology
ISQua Accreditation Process


Understand the gaps vis-à-vis the adopted accreditation standards

You will now be able to pinpoint the gaps and issues your business is facing, as well as gain world-renowned accreditations.

Get feedback on potential improvement actions to be done to get accredited

Gain insights on the appropriate accreditation procedures that will enable you and your business to become accredited in the relevant industry.