Our Mission Is Clear

"Sustainable development of healthcare leaders and
organizations through holistic solutions and people
centric management"

Opening The Great GATES.

It happened in 2001, when I was attending a big gathering of hospital CEOs & CFOs at the syndicate of hospitals in Lebanon. The new payment system suggested by the Ministry of Public Health was the hot subject for discussion. The new Flat Rate system for surgical procedures is supposed to replace the old Fee-for-Service System. Most off the senior attendees were lobbying against the new system saying that it shall diminish their revenues. I had some preliminary calculations who showed the opposite of this propaganda which pushed me to say: “I made some calculations that shows the new Flat Rate system as a better payment system with more revenues and less payers denials!”. I can remember how the hall was silent for a while before some senior falcons attacked the junior bird with fresh feathers saying implicitly and explicitly: “We know better… we have our solid systems and data...who are you and what do you have!”. After some debates, I suggested to do a study with numbers for proving my counter argument after 2 weeks, and the President of the Syndicate respectfully gave me this chance.



How It Went

The day for the meeting is today at 1 pm. I have to present my point in front of a challenging senior group which will make or break me. My old blue TOYOTA (1978 made) was not working, so I had to take an old motorbike to reach there on time. I arrived there to see the fancy cars of the attendees parking in front of the Syndicate which made me park the old motorbike at the back side. I crossed the entrance and greeted the receptionist with my best Jacket (bought from the used items store). The expert from the poor social class, with relatively short experience in the field, is in the hall now to witness 12 elite hospital CFOs which would rather prefer to be right with me being wrong!
After one and a half hour of presentation and professionally challenging discussions of my comparative study of 52 most currently used procedures suggesting that the new payment system grants the hospitals and average of 20-25% price increase in revenues, I still remember the moment when the Syndicate President stood and said: ”Adel, chapeau bas, you proved us all wrong”… The Syndicate announced afterwards that it strongly supports to replace the old system by the new one…
I was happy to see my potentials changing into achievements on the national level. I decided at the time to start my career dream and attract some passionate individuals with hidden potentials to establish a consultancy company with one heart, synchronized knowledge, and an inspiring dream to get our earned position in the market as management and business improvers…

Dr. Adel Olleik

"Serving leaders enable people to do what they have to do with choice, ownership, and love... This is a key people-centric management where performance and innovation is sustained by passion"

This consultancy was later called “GATES” indicating that “there are always Gates around us to open for widening our world and explore new horizons to make our work and life better. We just have to believe, dream and start our quest…”. GATES got its first project from the Syndicate of Hospitals of Lebanon in 2002 which was titled as: “The National Study for Costing Hospital Services”. This was followed by delivering, with the Syndicate, a comprehensive Training Program on Management & Quality for national healthcare managers and professionals… the journey of knowledge and development of passion goes on with GATES as we see in 2020, and GATES as will be in 2030..