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The following are the articles and dissertations presented by our Masters and Diploma students.

Gates Experts' Seminars

Evaluation Report of Lebanese Accreditation by Gates

Evaluation of Lebanese Accreditation by Gates

Situation in Lebanese Hospitals Based on Accreditation Surveys

The Lebanese Accreditation System - Building up a Useful Model for Developing Healthcare Systems- ISQua Conference in Tokyo 2016

Masters' Students' Dissertations

Accreditation of private laboratory in Lebanon- Mohammad Ali Hawi

Establishing Customer Relationship Management Programs In Lebanese Hospitals - Ali Hassan Merhi

Gap analysis in healthcare sector based on High Reliability Organization concept- Bilal Al Khatib

Impact of occupational health programs on wellness of nurses in Lebanese hospitals- Hanane Moussa Moussa

ISO 26000 Social Responsibility (Readiness For Implementation)- Linda Jaafar Sowid

Job Hazards Identification and Control in Nursing- Malak Rida Khshaish

New strategies to enhance efficacy and safety for Parkinson disease treatment- Nicole Elias

New strategies to enhance efficiency and safety for Alzheimer disease treatment- Alya Khaled

Nurses’ Awareness of Infection Control Measures, and the Role and Effect in Patient and Family Education- Sahar Hammoud

Osteoporosis treatments evaluation to enhance efficacy and safety- Abdullah Itani

Perception of hospital patients and visitors regarding accredited   hospitals in Mount Lebanon.- Ghina Mostapha Hakim

Reverse osmosis pretreatment Quality control to extend membrane life span- Ramez Mohammad Zayyat

Risk Perception and Health Related Behaviors_Master Thesis- Maha El Khoury Maroun

Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program Systematic Quality Review- Nassim Youssef

The effect of Pharmaceutical Marketing on physician’s decision - Lina Issa

The Impact of Accreditation Process on Hospital Design and Logistics (Lebanese Experience)- Maysaa Raad

Validity and Efficiency of Dietetic Internship Programs in Lebanese Hospitals Standardizing the Practice- Farah Aboul Hosn

Diploma Students' Projects

Assessment of the Safety and Quality Maturity Level in a Healthcare Facilit- Rania Nasser

Evidence Based Medicine a Step Closer to Make a Difference - Hussein CHAMS.MD, Hamze EL HUSSEINI.MD

Incident Reporting Barriers and Means for Improvement  - Khadija Barakat Bassima Sawan Suzanne El-Zein

Leadership Model and Recruitment Criteria for Managers - Maysam Daou Younes

Leadership Style Impact on Job Satisfaction for Registered Nurses -Stephany Doctorian

Management of Pressure Ulcers in Intensive Care Unit- Fadia Chabchoul Fattoum Awad Alya Solh

Measuring Patient Safety Culture from Patients Perspectives - Serena Abou Samra

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Risk Management- Elena Boudraah Mustafa Ibrahim Mahdi Bjayji Ibrahim ayoubi

Staff compliance with patient identification  - Farah Akil Rima Francis Dr. Georges Yared Dr. Mohamad Hasbini

Talent Management Strategies in Driving Healthcare Performance Outcomes - Manar Haydar

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